libpic170x  0.2
Ease of use library for PIC16(L)1705/1709 chips

Table of Contents

Blink example

The blink-example illustrates the use of the timer0 and pinio libraries. This example was designed for the PIC16LF1705, however the example should be easy to modify to also work for all other chips.

To try out the circuit, start by building up the demo circuit:

Demo circuit


After building up your circuit as shown, connect a PICkit to the PIC microcontroller.


Make sure to have the MPLAB-X IDE and the xc8 complier installed on your machine and that your PICkit is ready for use. Then open the blink-project files that can be found in the directory examples/blink.X/ with the MPLAB-X IDE.

By default, a PICkit 3 should be configured. If not configure your programming device and enable the "power the target circuit-option" in your IDE, or power your circuit with other means.

Now, everything should be ready to go. Press "Run Main Project" (provided that the blink-project is your only open project), and the demo should upload and run.